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We are racing today the Maxxis Series!!!! We will be racing Sunday afternoon as well with We are paying $250 in clone medium. We will also give out the points awards from the 2013 season.




Also coming on Saturday’s this winter

Checkered Flag Kartway

2013-2014 GA Maxxis Series

Presented by Tony “Cooterman” WyattShiloh twin 250s next Saturday and Sunday!!!!! Saturday will be $250 to win box stk medium and jr unrestricted. If we have ten karts we will pay 2nd and 3rd if not it’s winner take all!!! Sunday will be $250 to win in box stk lite and super heavy 410. Once again pay out for 2nd and 3rd based on ten or more karts!!! Saturday we will also be having a powder puff trophy race!!! All other classes running both day at 100% payback with a $10 entry fee. Come on out and support checkered flag kartway!!!! Gates open at 11 practice starts at 1 both days.

Points Classes


Green Plate (Ages 8-10) #265

Purple Plate (Ages 10-12) #285

Jr Unrestricted (Ages 12-15) #320


All These Classes will run Weiny Pipe

Adult classes run big pipe

Adult point classes are as follow

Clone (#360)

Super Heavy (#410) Driver Min. #200

Clone Heavy (#375)

******$20 entry fee all money goes towards points!!!!******


Money Classes

Pro Green #265

Pro Purple #285

Pro Jr Unristricted #320

Pro Clone EL #375

Pro Champ Clone (open pipe) #425

*****$30 entry fee in these classes (10 kart minimum other wise 100% payback)*****

Payout will be 1st $250 – 2nd $125 – 3rd $75


Pro Clone #375

$60 entry fee (Big pipe no kart minimum)

payout will be 1st $1,000 – 2nd $300 – 3rd $200 – 4th $100 – 5th $50


Race dates:

Dec 7

Dec 21

Jan 4

Jan 18

Feb 1

Feb 15


Gates open at 11 a.m

Practice stars at 1 pm

Gate Fee $15

for any other info contact Cooterman @ 864-345-0936